In which the Ten Companies of Haven lay claim to the lands of the Old World.

His Majesty, King Kallis III of the Lone Isles, doth here proclaim an end to the ban on travel to the Old World that his ancestors long ago declared. His Majesty further requires that ten good companies of doughty men should now be formed and should with all available speed seek to make fast the harbour fortress of Haven, for my lord purposes to hazard the retaking of the Old World and to lay claim on all and any treasures so found. His Majesty grants the ten High Captains of said companies a fifth part of any spoils found upon the condition that they forward him the greater part of any such monies and cede all lands and chattels conquered unto him and his heirs.

May the Tripartite God bless this worthy adventure and look kindly upon those who hazard this journey to these fabled shores.

The Company of Leydondale